This presentation will address the details of radiation effects in accelerator mixed beam environments. The radiation environment encountered at high-energy accelerators partly strongly differs from the environment relevant for space applications. The mixed field expected at modern accelerators is composed of charged and neutral hadrons, photons, electrons and muons, ranging from very low (thermal) energies up to the TeV range. Electronic components and systems exposed to a mixed radiation field will experience at once all three different types of radiation damages: Single Event Effects (SEEs) , damage from Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and displacement damage (DD), where in all cases, not only the particle type, but also the respective energy distribution are to be considered. This talk will discuss details about modern accelerator environments, respective calculation methods and the impact on respective radiation tests and design methodologies. In addition, both the requirement as well as the challenge of using commercial components for accelerator applications will be highlighted and respective mitigation measures will be illustrated.